Allotment and Reimbursements

Students enrolled in AK-TRAILS receive the educational allotments listed below for the fiscal year 2021-22. If the student has a remaining balance at the end of the school year, that balance will rollover to the next year as long as the student enrolls by September 23rd.


PreK - 8


Full-Time 100%



3 Classes 75%



2 Classes 50%



1 Class 25%



Access to an allotment account for students enrolling after September 23rd will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the AK-TRAILS Teacher and Administrator.

Allotments can be used to cover academic materials and experiences that relate directly to the student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) as approved by the certificated teacher who has the primary responsibility for the course.  (Please contact an AKTRAILS staff member for approval to purchase any item over $200)
Examples of what allotments may be used for include: 

  • Curriculum packages 

  • Books

  • Art supplies

  • Social studies materials 

  • Science supplies 

  • Math manipulatives 

  • Software 

  • Magazine subscriptions 

  • Online subscription based programs 

  • Subscription boxes 

  • Educational toys/brain games

  • Physical education

  • Field trips 

  • Tutoring services 

  • Internet 

  • College courses 



Which expenses are not reimbursable?

Payment by public schools for religious materials is not permitted