AK-TRAILS Correspondence/Homeschool Program

Southeast Island School District

AK-TRAILS Correspondence/Homeschool Program

AK-TRAILS Student/Parent Handbook

About Us:

The AK-TRAILs Correspondence/Homeschool program is a very unique and highly personalized option for children throughout the state of Alaska.

 When parents ask us what our program looks like, our response is:

“What do you want it to look like?”

“What do you need for your child?”

“How can we support you in your role as your child’s educator?”

 Students Served and Program Eligibility:

• Grades PreK – 12

• General education students

• Special education students

• Students must reside in the state of Alaska

• Students must be between the ages of 3 and 19 on or before September 1st

Our Services (examples):

• AK-TRAILS Guide – SISD certified teacher provides personal assistance in developing a plan to best meet your child’s needs.

• Full-time (or fully) online/distance education

• Blended/Hybrid Educational Model – A combination of digital delivery with in-person instruction at local school.

• Grade level “in a box” options OR “A la carte” options –a buffet of educational menu options

• Supplemental online – designed to complement, not replace, your local school

• Educational Enrichment options

• Unique program offerings for gifted and talented students

• Remedial Support for Struggling Students

• Highly specialized services for children with multiple/severe disabilities – may include home education support visits

• Computers/Technology Provided on a case-by-case basis

• Parent support for homeschooling

Your AK-TRAILS Guide will provide you with a list of materials and supplies available for your use.

If you prefer to use an online curriculum or a boxed curriculum of your choosing, your AK-TRAILS Guide will provide a list of vendors that can provide those materials for you or you may find and select your own curriculum. It is your choice what curriculum is used for your child!