Whale Pass School

Whale Pass School

Whale Pass School

126 Bayview Drive, Box WWP #38

Whale Pass, Alaska 99950



Whale Pass School is located on the North end of Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.  The school is comprised of high  school, middle school and elementary students. The school also provides a pre-school program for children ages four years and in special circumstances, younger.

Upper level high school classes have the ability to be done over video teleconferencing. VTC is a great way to connect between sites in the school district as well as participate in virtual field trips.  It is also used to bring in fantastic high school courses and special activities like "Battle of the Books" and "Literature Circles" and provides professional  development opportunities for school staff.

Whale Pass School is heated by a new wood fired boiler system. This is much more efficient way to heat the school and it saves on energy costs.  This boiler heats the school greenhouse, so students can enjoy fresh produce all year long.  The school also has various breeds of chickens.  These feathery critters provide eggs for the school food program and to the community as a money fundraiser.