We have team from Kasaan, Naukati and Thorne Bay participating in Elementary games this Saturday - Hosted by Thorne Bay school. Come out and support our young athletes!
3 days ago, SISD Activities
Reminder- Live Music Night is this week! Can't wait to hear the music on Friday Night.
4 days ago, SISD Activities
music night
Hello SISD families & stakeholders. We have Parent/Teacher conferences this week on Wednesday and Thursday. These days are also Early Release days.
6 days ago, SISD Activities
NYO athletes leave in the morning to travel to Juneau to compete in this years Alaskan Traditional Games. We have students competing from multiple SISD schools - we are proud of you, and I know you will make SISD proud! Events can be live streamed https://youtu.be/ClRcYqf8QGw and more information can be found at https://traditionalgames.sealaskaheritage.org/.
10 days ago, SISD Activities
Lady Wolverines are making THORNE BAY proud!
15 days ago, SISD Activities
Cheer on our SISD Native Youth Olympic Athletes! April 5-7th. Go to https://traditionalgames.sealaskaheritage.org/ for more information.
17 days ago, SISD Activities
Join us for an open dialogue between School Board members, the Superintendent, and the Community! Topics of discussion include: ● Teacher hiring ● Educational program ● School priorities We value your input and encourage you to come and share your ideas, concerns, and suggestions for shaping the direction of our schools so our students will thrive.
19 days ago, Rod Morrison
Community Invite
NO SCHOOL Spring Break this week!
21 days ago, SISD Activities
Spring Break
SISD's Spring Break is next week.
27 days ago, SISD Activities
Spring Break March 25-29
SISD Stakeholders... It is time for our ASC's to vote on the proposed Calendars for next School year 2024-2025. There are two options. Each ASC will hold a vote that will be submitted to the School Board prior to the next Board meeting where they will then vote on. The calendar committee took into account many different views and opinions. It was our goal to draft a calendar that would serve our students and staff to the best of our abilities. We recommend Calendar A for the following reasons: 1- It allows for a full week off in the fall and the spring. 2- It allows for a full 2 week break in winter while allowing travel time before and after the Christmas & New Year Holidays. 3- It allows for the Friday before a holiday weekend to be a non-work day for teachers. 4- It staggers Friday's needs for Inservice, workdays and non-working days. 5- It aligns SISD spring break with other POW districts, which shortens the span between winter and spring break, as well as supports Elementary and Middle school sports schedules. *Calendar B has many of the same qualities, but the start and end dates are the biggest differences. Thank you for your careful consideration of these two calendars as we look ahead to next year.
27 days ago, SISD Activities
URGENT Action Needed This Weekend! Hello everyone, As I'm sure you are well aware, the Governor vetoed SB 140 last night. The legislature has till Monday to override the veto and 40 votes are needed. Right now, we for sure have 38 votes. We need 2 more and are looking at the legislators that may be on the fence about an override.  I'm sure most of you are on spring break or are heading there today, but please take a moment to call or email Senator Bert Stedman to ask him to override the Governor's veto. It is absolutely essential that he hears from you. The message is simple. Thank him for voting for the bill. Let him know why this bill is so important for your school and ask him to please override the veto.  If you feel more comfortable using a script, click on this link. You can start with the template and personalize as needed. A phone call is even better and Lisa Parady's team at ACSA is putting together a phone script that will be available later today. Thank you and have a great weekend!
29 days ago, SISD Activities
Elementary Basketball This Saturday in Klawock. We have students from KASAAN, NAUKATI, & THORNE BAY competing.
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3.16.24 Bball
Reminder - NYO SISD Mini Meet this Friday! See you there- Concession Stand will be open!
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NYO Schedule
A few SISD student's traveled with the CTE group. https://www.facebook.com/share/eT5u8VvBo15mcVfc/?mibextid=oEMz7o
about 1 month ago, SISD Activities
Students, Families, Staff SISD Student Eligibility for Activities. Athletics, sports, and travel are all important to our students, parents, and the district as a whole; however, we need to remember that it is also our due diligence to ensure that we are educating our students to the best of their abilities and challenging them daily, academically. Moving forward, we will be monitoring eligibility, and one way to ensure that students are on track in the classroom is by having them complete this form before they can participate and travel.
about 1 month ago, SISD Activities
Red Tide Wrestlers are headed to Ketchikan this weekend. Good luck! & Stay safe!
about 2 months ago, SISD Activities
red tide @ ktn
Dear Thorne Bay Parents, Due to the inclement weather and snow conditions, we regret to inform you that the bus service for the south side of Thorne Bay will be canceled on Wednesday, February 28th. For parents who commute from outside the community, we advise taking necessary precautions and considering alternative arrangements for transportation considering the weather conditions. The safety of our students is our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time. Please stay tuned for further updates regarding the bus service. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Warm regards, Rod Morrison Superintendent
about 2 months ago, Rod Morrison
TB Bus Cancel 2-28-24
Thorne Bay Wolverines are heading to Ketchikan this week for Region V 1A High School Boys Basketball. Good Luck team!
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Tournament 2024
SISD Mini Native Youth Olympics in Thorne Bay! March 15th, 2024.
about 2 months ago, SISD Activities
3/15/24 SISD NYO
Attention SISD High school Students!!! Register by March 15th! using this link or the QR code on the image: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSexvZC8Iwxvp7x_OaE8O2RL6JFjT2y-nPcQx9OdK_Sle8WLig/viewform
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CTE Week